Different Tyres for Different Roads

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Different terrains will demand different kinds of tyres for bikes to navigate properly and because of this, there is a wide variety of tyres available. In particularly rough terrain, you may require a different bike altogether.

For surfaces that are paved or concrete, the ideal tyre would be one with a smooth tread pattern, slick or semi-slick, as this will offer a low rolling resistance and (for when you need it) top speed for commuting or road racing. We offer high quality, low-tread tyres; for example: our Tyre Street selection offers a smooth ride with added puncture protection for unpredictable roads.

Technical mountain biking would suggest a rugged terrain, in which case a wide and heavily-treaded tyre is recommended. This will provide a high amount of grip and control on steep inclines, rocky terrain, and sharp turns. The shock absorption on these types of tyres is typically high as well, along with better puncture resistance than typical tyres.

In the sport of cyclocross racing, it is typical to come across smooth concrete terrain as well as muddy stretches with loose dirt. This contrast of roads will need tyres that allow for these environments; those that are best are ones with knobbier treads and narrow surfaces to navigate smooth turns and minimise resistance, which will provide traction and allow for faster speeds in harsher off-road points.

Roads that consist of rough gravel can shift and become slightly uneven and, in these cases, a tyre with a knobbier tread pattern is preferred in order to provide stability on loose and uneven gravel surfaces which suits for gravel grinding, adventure riding, and touring.

Of course, if you’re travelling in many different terrain types, perhaps on the road out of a city and into rougher and uneven terrain, it may be worth either having spare tyres on you (if that’s an option), or opting for those that will allow for the safest travel in rough paths. Tyres with a knobbier tread will not become such a detriment on smooth roads so as to affect your safety, but smoother-treaded tyres could become unreliable and impact your performance and safety on rough roads. Our collection of tyres range in size and tread to give you the freedom to choose the best for your bike. Additionally, we can offer advice on the right selection for you.

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