Convert your regular bike to an Ebike

Boost is one of the simplest, most effective ways to upgrade your current bike to an electric one - it’s a great product from a UK company, and has many advantages over other types of conversion kits (

So whether you want a conversion kit to make commuting easier and less sweaty, to extend your leisure cycling range for more fun or just for a bit of help with that last hill, here’s what to consider. 

4 reasons to choose Boost

  1. Upgrade You keep your current bike - instead of sending it to landfill or having to adjust to the feel of a new bike, you keep the model you know and love but with more power and range.
  2. Environmentally conscious It’s good for the environment - Boost estimates that you save around 100kg of CO2 compared with replacing your bike (LINK to
  3. Save £££ You’ll save hundreds of pounds compared with buying a new bike. 
  4. Better handling It’s a rear-wheel kit so it won’t change the handling or ride you’re used to compared to some other kits.

5 reasons to use us to fit your electric bike conversion kit

  1. Confidence You do need some bike knowledge to fit the Boost. So if you’re not comfortable changing gears or brakes, let our experts do it. 
  2. Price We don’t charge much. You’ll pay only £695 for the kit and our fitting service, which is usually around £50 to £100 depending on the bike.  
  3. Overall service We can service your bike at the same time, ensuring your brakes and chain condition are suitable for a powered bike.
  4. Bespoke We’ll help you choose the best wheel setup to match your bike. 
  5. Noise The Boost kit is quiet, especially at full speed. But we’ll check your bike for any loose nuts or bolts that could cause rattling as the motor operates.  

The Boost electric bike conversion kit is suitable for most road bikes. Visit for more information. Boost is developing a kit for folding Brompton bikes. It’s not currently suitable for other folding bikes.