Customise Your Bike: A Guide to Upgrades and Modifications

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Investing in a bike is a great way to improve your lifestyle, and if you’re the type of person who enjoys pushing cycling to the limit, it’s a no-brainer that you’d look to improve the performance and aesthetic of your bike to make it uniquely yours. Here is a guide to utilising upgrades and modifications to optimise your bicycle.

The first priority for your bike should be ensuring it is in working order and all parts are as they should be. We offer bike servicing at four tiers to fix any problems that may have arisen due to wear, damage, or neglect. This can extend to a total stripping, degreasing, cleaning, and rebuild along with the replacement and update of parts. However, it may be that you only need specific parts updated on your bike: you could need wheel truing to straighten how the wheels roll, or the installation of a new bottom bracket or chainset.

Upgrading your bike can also take the form of installing new components. Parts such as saddles, wheels, and tyres can be easy to install with the proper knowledge and equipment; we also offer installation of parts in our servicing packages. Below are a few example of parts we stock that could give your bike a leg-up.

Brake parts are essential to bike-riding and maintaining them to ensure they work well at all times is a must. These parts range from brake cables to disc brake rotors. Keeping these clean after an upgrade is key to ensuring your bike is at peak performance year-round.

Gear cables
We provide gear cables for smooth transitions gear-to-gear, guaranteeing your bike handles immaculately in all road types, inclines and declines. Over time your gear cables can become stretched, corroded, or worn out, which could lead to brake failure in a process called ‘work hardening’.

Upgrading handlebars will help with smooth turns and light handling. If left unseen to, handlebars can become stiff and the stem may rust, rendering the bike unusable. We offer both handlebars and stems for great steering.

Wrap Fitting
A wrap fitting will be undertaken with a degrease and clean so that the surface is in the best condition. This is where the overall look of your bike with regards to paint is modified and tailored to your specification. Wrap fitting is also used to toughen the surface of the frame.

As a bicycle requires consistent maintenance, the realm of possibilities when it comes to upgrading parts and modifying others - to achieve a smoother ride, higher visibility, faster speeds, or easier manoeuvrability – are far-reaching and constantly expanding. You can also improve your bike with better oils, grease, and polishes for an added touch. If you’d like to know about how to take your bike to the next level, feel free to drop into one of our shops and our experts can talk you through how best to upgrade.

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