The Best Clothing for Cycling in Spring

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As Spring rears its head once more, it brings with it the potential for longer days and prime cycling conditions. But as Spring is wont to do on occasion (and especially in the UK), the weather can fluctuate, bringing cold and wet mornings that transform into warm, bright and clear afternoons (as well as the inverse!). This can present challenges when it comes to choosing a suitable outfit. So, how do you prepare clothing for a bike ride that could switch from one extreme to the polar opposite in a matter of minutes? And how should you go about dressing warm enough for a chilled temperature without running the risk of sweating through all of your clothes (a problem those that cycle to work encounter more often than not)? Here is a breakdown of options for spring cycling.

Be sure to dress in layers to account for fluctuating temperatures and weather conditions. Lightweight, breathable layers are a good start to form the base of your outfit, with a long-sleeve top or cycling jacket over this for warmth. You may also want to employ a waterproof and windproof outer shell to top this off and keep your outfit light but effective.

Cycling shorts can be advantageous in the spring, offering breathability and comfort. These are often paired with cycling tights for extra warmth and aerodynamics. Alternatively some loose-fit joggers will offer warmth without the restriction of clothing like jeans which could become stuffy in warmer climates. You may opt for clothing with high visibility, which is particularly helpful on cloudy or rainy days.
Gloves can be helpful for a spring bike ride, although it tends to differ depending on the temperature whether gloves are necessary or not. From a safety perspective, protective gloves (those that offer grip and ventilation), knee and elbow pads, can prove to be beneficial but for the sake of warmth, you should defer to your own judgement based on weather conditions.

Spring is a strange season and there are days when these recommendations won’t be necessary. It may even be a good idea to pack a change of clothes if you are travelling to work or social plans and don’t want to undertake a whole journey and sit for the rest of the day in those particular clothes, which could have accumulated sweat and odours.

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