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Full Bikefit

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For us, bikefitting is a holistic experience designed to enable you to reach YOUR optimum cycling experience regardless of whether you are racing the Tour de France, a local time trail, a triathlon or a charity ride.

We utilise the Shimano bikefitting@ system to achieve your optimum riding position based upon our three key tenents.

1. Performance
2. Comfort
3. Efficiency (including aerodynamics)

Before taking any measurements you will be provided with a short questionnaire to understand how often you ride, what your objectives are and how much time you have to achieve them. This will act as an influence on your optimum position.

Professional riders can spend the time adapting to incredibly stretched out aero positions requiring siginificant fexibility exercises. Amateur riders often only ride 2 - 3 times a week so don't have the time to adapt to such extremes. We are therefore looking for a position that allows you to achieve your most efficient, producing the most power whilst still retaining an element of comfort to enable you to continue cycling.

For time trial riders there is a clear crossover point between optimum aerodynamics and power output - simply slamming everything as low as possible is not always the best way to get the optimum power producing position.

Often bikefitting is driven by an injury or stress to a particular area - this is reason we ask questions before taking the fitting. This feeds into your bikefit also.

Bike fitting is for anybody who cycles. A good bicycle fit goes a long way to prevent overuse injuries and helps muscles and lungs function at best ability, all improving performance and enjoyment.

Comprehensive bikefit 1 1/2 hours

Full instructions will be provided once booked.