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The benefits are endless. The AMCargo Deluxe Cargo Trike offers a sturdy, practical and innovative mode of transport, whether for leisure or business!

Steering from the front, adopting a ‘Tadpole Trike’ characteristic to result in a tight steering circle, with optimal control thanks to it’s direct steering from behind the cargo box itself. Now, that practicality comes at a cost in weight form, so AMCargo have included an electric pedal assist system to give you that push when it comes to inclines or tricky terrain. Consisting of a 9Ah battery & 250w brushless motor, virtually silent thanks to it’s ‘Low-Energy Consumption & No Noise’ technology, you can expect up to 40 miles from a charge! Power assistance is altered using the simplistic handlebar mounted display. Supported by a 6 speed Shimano Tourney SIS gearing system, and slowed by the Tektro hydraulic front brake and V-Brake rear.

The Cargo box itself can be used for luggage or courier purpose, but also has 2 bench seats to fit 4 children, with included seatbelts for each. The storage continues toward the rear of the bike, utilising a rear pannier luggage rack for your personal belongings, or those parcels that didn’t quite make the cut.

Refined with puncture resistant tyres and mudguards all round, 2x LED headlights & rear light and an enclosed chain guard. Pop to the park with the kids, take the Retriever on an adventure, deliver goods quickly & practically, the Deluxe Cargo Trike is designed for life.


  • High-quality front- and rear fenders
  • Luggage rack with straps
  • Chain cover
  • Bell and several reflectors
  • 2 x Powerful LED headlights and 1 x rear light
  • Safety belt for 4 children (Y safety belt)
  • Children’s bench for 4 children
  • Step board for children

To Summarise:


‘Tadpole’ Tricycle Design

With two steering wheels at the front, and one at the rear, stability and drivability is key. This design reduces the chance of tilting, also allowing for your cargo to be visible and accessible.

250w Brushless ‘Low-Energy Consumption’ Rear Hub Motor

A hub motor is a great option for a cargo bike or tricycle, mostly due to it’s consistent power delivery that only relies on a turn of the pedals. This means that as long as the cranks are turning, the motor is engaging… you don’t have to apply much pressure to get that needed boost!

9Ah Rear Rack Mounted Battery

Discreetly integrated within the handy rear pannier rack, boasting a 25 mile range & chargeable using your mains plug!

Large LCD Handlebar Mounted Screen & Controls

Mounted right where you want it, the LCD screen alters level of assistance, and monitors battery life & more!

Large Open-Top Cargo Box with Child Seating

Whether it’s parcels, personal goods, or your little ones, the large open-top cargo box is there to lend a hand. Including bench seats and safety belts, so great for school runs!

Shimano 6 Speed Gearing

Working harmoniously with the power assistance to make child’s play of various terrains and inclines.

Tri-Braking System

A larger machine requires relative stopping power, so AMCargo have included a hydraulic disc brake at the front & rear, with an electric hub brake at the rear, AND an added parking break for those pit-stops.

20″/26″ Wheel & Puncture Resistant Tyres

Larger at the rear, smaller at the front. Increasing manoeuvrability and stability! Wrapped in puncture resistant tyres for good measure.


'Tadpole' Tricycle Cargo


Large Open-Top, with Child Seats & Belts


9Ah 36v Rack Battery, 250w 36v Rear Hub Motor